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♦  Welcome to our website!
I would like to express my gratitude to all the dog breeders and dog owners who have placed their trust in me and given me an opportunity to show my work. I thank you! TASOS XOURIDAS ''Foto magicon"

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Whatever kind of photo you want ( Stand – Action shot – Portrait – On guard duty, etc.), we can stop time for you at the ideal moment. Please browse our site for examples of our work .....

             Our philosophy encompasses .....

  • Continuous research, development and improvement in our services and photographic products.
  • Top flight customer service & quality products, all at very reasonable prices.
  • Back-up support for our associates, to help them achieve their professional goals.
  • Steady growth and development.
  • Sincerity in creative relations.

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04-05-06 / September  - BSZS 2015 Nurnberg

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    - ITALY

18-19-20 / September  - SIEGER SHOW ITALIA 2015

Contact / Kontakt: +49.15750828330  & +49 1602064970 


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